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A Guide to Frugal Remodeling

Let’s face the facts; remodeling isn’t the cheapest endeavor out there. Whether it involves full-on renovations of your kitchen, living room, bedrooms, etc. – we know well enough that everything is going to cost a pretty penny. And then some!

But what if you could add some freshness to your humble abode with a few minor changes? Or maybe you’re looking for the most practical, cost-saving alternative that won’t leave a hole (and a couple of marks) in your poor wallet.

Regardless, we’re here to tell you that, yes, frugal remodeling is a thing. And there’s a huge need (and desire) for it! Whether it involves better space management, repurposing items, modernizing with subtle changes, or adding practicality to your residence – we’re here to help you out with some much-needed ideas and advice!

A Fresh Coat of Paint

Painting your rooms in new, fun, and unique colors is often the go-to way to breathe new life into your living space without breaking the bank. And for obvious reasons!

Paint doesn’t cost diamonds, nor does it require much pre-planning. Unique shades of vibrant colors can add plenty of depth and spatial coherence, while different whites can remove that drab, washed-out decorating mistake you made a few years back. You know the one.

In addition, you don’t need to be a pro painter to do the job, so you’re also saving money on the task itself. With that in mind, painting entails more than a few dabs and some slathering here and there – there are ways to coat your walls and make them stand out, especially if you add designs, patterns, and so on.

Turning Trash into Treasure

That old idiom is true to this very day – one man’s trash really is another man’s treasure! It may seem like a cliché (and it totally is), but repurposing items, materials, or appliances is not just a fad – it’s a way of life!

The reusable aspect doesn’t just add to an environmentally-conscious lifestyle – it also provides visual contrast! When reusing older items, you can juxtapose them with newer furniture to create a neo-modern-esque style based on visual opposition! Talk about artsy, huh?

Old dressers, cabinets, and sideboards are often the first to be considered, and for a good reason. They go hand-in-hand with our previous suggestion regarding painting – chalk paint, in particular, gives these items a much-needed old-timey spin.

Elegance in Molds

Crown molding is a popular type of home improvement endeavor, especially with how timeless it tends to look. Of course, the good things that add charm and elegance to your abode can often be the most annoying to tackle.

Aside from being a hassle to set up, traditional crown molding entails a significant amount of money being spent. Luckily, like with many other things in this article, there are budget-friendly options!

Lightweight polystyrene foam options are great for those who are looking to add style and substance without reaching deep into their pockets. This alternative is coated in hard plaster and cuts quite easily. This makes it easy to install, even for newbies!

Illuminate or Add Shade

Light, or the absence of it, plays a substantial role in the visual depth of a room or even the entire household. Consider for a minute the potential three-dimensional richness that you could achieve with a few lamps, or perhaps the opposite – a nice set of shutters!

For the “blinds and shutters” side of things, you’re not just tackling that distracting and annoying sunlight; you’re also adding some much-appreciated privacy for yourself and your family/roommates!

Besides, shutters are an effective, non-costly way of adding interior detail and substance to your living space. As for lights, you can always repurpose one of those old-timey, vintage lamps in order to achieve a rustic vibe for your dwelling!

Consider Cheaper Materials

Last but far from least, we have the somewhat obvious (yet underrated) aspect of material choice to consider. The spectrum of material types and ‘grades’ can be overwhelmingly vast and diverse. So much so that we’re not all that surprised when less-informed homeowners react surprised by certain off-the-shelf options!

Builder-grade versions don’t necessarily have to be lower quality. Local remodeling contractors can guide you on the best possible choice for your situation and budgetary context. Minimalist, simple looks can benefit substantially from more straightforward, inexpensive materials. Why opt for exotic wood or granite and marble when you can achieve great results with fibreboard and ceramic tiles, respectively?

We hope this article helped jog your mind and boosted it with some frugal-oriented ideas! Homeowners don’t always have to opt for costly options, especially when breathing new life into their abode boils down to a few simple changes!

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