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New Year Resolutions For Your Home Remodeling

A new year means a new you! And a new “you” often entails some kind of external change, not just internal. While it’s great to make vows to eat healthier, work on personal relationships, or even focus on hobbies – your home is also a worthy candidate for new year’s resolutions.

For ambitious homeowners, this naturally comes in the form of full-on remodeling! But of course, that’s all easier said than done since not everyone has the privilege of being able to stand up on a whim and say, “I’m going to remodel the whole kitchen!”

As such, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind and make a detailed, carefully-thought out plan before fully committing to specific home remodeling endeavors. With that said, we’re here to help you with your potential new year remodeling resolutions – so you can make the right call for your situation!

Set Aside a Budget

Getting the obvious stuff out of the way first – your best bet in ensuring a successful remodeling involves conscious (and cautious) budget planning. When all’s said and done, new year resolutions must be somewhat realistic, right?

You can think of this entry as a resolution to “strive towards budget-friendly life choices.” Too on the nose? Well, either way, it’s crucial when discussing future remodeling plans. It’s your personal responsibility to ask the right questions and know whom to consult.

To give some examples, a few essential relevant questions are “Who will take care of the required permits?” and “Can we discuss all the stages of the project?” Any self-respecting service like YourHomeFix will gladly walk you through the details and get you in touch with contractors who can advise you on budgetary inquiries.

Focus on the Necessities

Before you start splurging on the fancy living room or kitchen overhauls, take a few steps back and analyze the situation outside the box. Do you ‘really’ need that new countertop or fancy audio system for your living room?

Changes are an inevitable part of owning and living inside a house, but that doesn’t mean that every nook or cranny of your humble abode is screaming for a makeover. Try to focus on the essentials, “revive” dull-looking areas that actually affect your living conditions in some way, or be more practical and refurbish certain parts (like your windows or doors) that need a functional renewal.

Declutter Your Space

Sometimes, it isn’t about what you add but what you remove! Decluttering is as important as full-on remodeling. Think about it – messy homes have never been (and never will be) in style.

Minimalism is the key to being one step ahead in the home décor game. Try to organize things differently, then take a step back and pinpoint which elements add too much (or paradoxically nothing) to the “vibe’ of your room(s). Then – you guessed it – throw them out! Or, at the very least, store them somewhere hidden from prying gazes.

Invest in Energy-Saving Appliances

Another aspect to consider for your new year’s remodeling resolutions is the overall reduction of energy expenditure. Your home’s makeover doesn’t have to boil down to visual appeal – sometimes, a fresh new look involves practicality, especially the money-saving kind.

Investing in some much-needed upgrades will end up reducing your overall costs in the long run. While the first lump sum may seem overwhelming, the numbers don’t lie in the end – your cheaper alternatives can leave a massive hole in your wallet after a long time!

Aside from having better energy-saving capabilities, smarter, hi-tech appliances often have ‘quality of life’ (QoL) benefits in the form of smartphone syncing and usage tracking. They even operate seamlessly in larger home system setups.

Upgrade Your HVAC

Our final entry in this resolution-filled article is dedicated to air quality. You don’t need to be a genius to figure out that higher-quality indoor air results in a better living space, but we’re here to be the obligatory “Captain Obvious” once more.

If you already have a spiffy, perfectly decent HVAC setup, then your resolution should be to maintain it as best as possible. Make it a habit to change your filters regularly, as advised in the device’s manual or under the recommendations of an expert. You’re not just improving the practical aspect of your household; you’re also making it a better place for entertainment, as the “homier” vibe is increased exponentially!

Did we help awaken some new ideas in you? We hope you enjoyed our modest little article and that you’ve managed to take away something from it! Nothing beats a new, focused, and ambitious new year’s resolution with regard to home remodeling – just try to take it easy, and don’t go overboard!

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