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Inject new life into your home

Installing a new cabinet or repairing your old ones can really rejuvenate your home and kitchen. Custom-made cabinets and drawers are an excellent way to complete your household’s aesthetic. They not only will provide beauty and convenience to any room, but they also increase your storage area.

Have you decided it's nigh-time to replace your cabinets with brand-new models? Are your cabinets having peeling issues with their laminate? YourHomeFix will get you in touch with experienced carpenters who will carry out all repairs and replacing your cabinets and drawers need.

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At YourHomeFix we pride ourselves on finding experts who offer the highest quality service in all areas of house renovation and remodeling. Cabinets and drawers are no exception to that as they’re a fantastic way to transform the look of your home.
⦁    Get the answers to any question you might have – you will receive professional consultation on the project before it's even started. Our contractors will take the required measurements and answer any questions you might have regarding what needs to get repaired or changed, as part of a fantastic customer experience;
⦁    Get hand-made cabinets and drawers – having custom cabinets and drawers is a fantastic way to add personality to your abode. They’re not only beautiful but they’re also built specifically to your preferences, making them a perfect fit for your home;
⦁    We’ll get your cabinets anchored correctly – it’s crucial to have your cabinets and drawers anchored correctly. That way they’ll fit ideally and will be safe for use for a long time.

Every Project is Important to Us


Our specialists will make sure to give your kitchen the refreshed look it needs, regardless if it’s by repairing your current cabinets and drawers or entirely replacing them!

We Offer a Variety of Services

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Is your cabinet’s laminate peeling? Do you need to get the hinges fixed? YourHomeFix’s contractors will get all your cabinets looking and working like brand-new ones, without having to replace them!

First-Grade Cabinet Repair

Do you want to update your kitchen’s look on a budget? Refacing your cabinets is a great way to update your home’s aesthetic. All you need to do is pick out the doors, pulls, and knobs, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Reface Your Cabinets for an Updated Look

If you’ve ordered brand-new cabinets then you’re sure to want to have them installed perfectly. Our experts will make sure they’re straight, aligned, and securely anchored. If required, we can also help with re-arranging your kitchen in an entirely new formation.

Professional Cabinet Installation


Drawers are just as important as cabinets to the aesthetic and storage area of your home. Any project starts with one of four types:
⦁    Shallow drawers
⦁    Tall drawers
⦁    Narrow drawers
⦁    Vertical drawers
Regardless of what type of drawer you need to get repaired or installed, our experts will give you the best service!

Drawer Installation and Repair

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Whether you’ve ordered new custom wood cabinets and drawers from a professional carpenter or you’ve purchased a modern model, it’s vital to have them installed by a specialist. That way not only will they look fantastic, but you’ll also be confident that everything is aligned and anchored correctly.
An improperly installed cabinet or drawer is a safety hazard and can cause damage to your home’s interior. Don’t worry about learning carpentry skills yourself. YourHomeFix will get you in touch with the best contractors in your area. Let us do all the hard work for you, while you only enjoy the quality and craftsmanship of the finished product.

A Quality Installation is a Secure installation



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