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Get the outdoor living space you deserve

A deck or patio can be an amazing addition to any house’s exterior design. It’s a great place to host a small party with guests or relax on your own. Whether you’re looking to build a small porch as an entrance to your home, or you’re getting a big patio project done, enhancing your outdoor living space will improve your house’s aesthetic.

YourHomeFix will find the best carpenters near you to give life to your idea of the perfect deck or patio. With the years of experience our contractors have, we guarantee we'll transform your outdoor living space. Regardless if you’re looking to get some repairs and washing done or you’re looking to expand your household's exterior space, we’ll get the job done for you.

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No matter how major or minor the scale of your project is, our contractors are professionals with years of expertise in carpentry. They’re here to give you the best results and will make sure you receive a top-notch experience. 
⦁    Design consultation with an expert – decks, and patios serve an important purpose for your living arrangement. When thinking about the design, it’s essential to decide on what purpose your outdoor living space will have. A combination of smaller spaces allows for more flexibility, while a roomier deck allows for bigger gatherings. Our experts will consult with you regarding what your needs are and will offer a solution for the most fitting and inventive design for your home;
⦁    First-grade materials – when building an outdoor living space, using the highest quality materials is crucial. Patios and decks are exposed to the elements and can be damaged by rain or snow as time passes. We guarantee that our experts will use the highest quality wood, stone, or tile for your budget when constructing or repairing your deck. 
⦁    Professional building and repairs – the carpenters we get you in touch with have years of experience building and repairing decks and patios. This guarantees that they’ll not only give their expert opinion on your project but that you’ll also receive the best service. Your outdoor living space will be built to last.

We Make Sure You’re Happy With the Final result


Your outdoor living space is an excellent extension to your home, but it’s also exposed to all the elements. Because of this, it requires regular maintenance and repairs to keep its structural integrity and make sure it stays a pleasant place to spend time. Our contractors provide a range of professional services to rejuvenate or assemble a beautiful outdoor living space.

Repair, Construct, Power Wash – You Name It, We Do It

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Adding a deck or patio to your home can enhance its aesthetic and make it an even better living accommodation. When expanding your home in such a way, it’s crucial to work with top-notch professionals who know what they’re doing. That way you’ll not only be advised on what the best outdoor living space for your needs is, but you’ll also receive a quality service with quality materials. YourHomeFix’s contractors are all accomplished and highly qualified carpenters. Working with us guarantees an end product that will leave you satisfied.

High-Quality Deck & Patio Construction

Maintenance is a necessity to keep your outdoor living space fresh and secure. We will get you in touch with contractors who can fix all types of issues your deck or patio might be having. We can repair falling boards or wobbly railings, damaged patio bricks, concrete, stones, tiles, and any other type of issues that might be compromising the structural integrity of your outdoor living space.

Part of maintaining a beautiful deck is re-staining and sealing it every few years to protect the wood from moisture. Skipping this type of maintenance can result in having to undertake expensive reconstruction projects after a while. Staining is also a fantastic way to give it a rejuvenated look. Our experts will perfectly clean your decks and patios and apply the stain once the deck is dry enough to get the best results!

Deck & Patio Repairs Done Right

Deck Staining and Painting

Cleaning your outdoor living space can be a time-consuming task. Getting it done by an expert saves you time and guarantees an excellent result. YourHomeFix’s contractors offer power washing services that will clean all built-up dirt and debris out of your decks and patios. 
Our professionals can also help with other pressure washing services once they’re finished with your decks and patios. They can help with cleaning fences, walkways, garage doors, driveways, and any other outdoor extensions to your home. No reason for you to have to pick up a rental power washer and get your hands dirty!

Power Washing All Dirt and Debris Off

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A deck or patio is a significant part of any home’s aesthetic. Your outdoor living space is also constantly exposed to the outside elements and can get damaged by rain or snow. Regular maintenance is crucial to avoid issues such as cracks, rotting wood, rodents, leaky boards, wobbly railing, and more. With regular upkeep, you can catch any issues like this before they even appear, making the solutions inexpensive and quick. 
YourHomeFix will find the perfect contractors for your needs, making sure that your decks and patios stay fresh and secure for a long time. Just get in touch with us, and we will do everything else for you!

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