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Why You Might Want to Leave Renovating for Winter

Revamping your home might seem like a daunting task in and of itself, let alone during the winter season. But what if we told you there’s a plethora of benefits to doing just that? It’s tempting to want to stay cooped up in your warm, cozy rooms with a cup of hot chocolate while the snow piles up – completely understandable!

And yet, you’d be surprised by just how many people follow through with this well-kept secret pro-tip. Here are some worthwhile reasons why you might consider renovating during the cold, frosty winter times.

Take advantage of off-season discounts and contractor availability

Wintertime means less workload for the contractors and more opportune discounts for folks who might like to get a head start on remodeling before the busy summer or spring. It’s an unspoken, yet spot-on fact that most contractors will dedicate more time to your project when there’s a smaller list of clients for them to pay attention to.

Less competition also means you’re more likely to get in touch with the more sought-out contractors, whilst also potentially making the most of timely seasonal discounts. After all, what better way to attract customers than to provide them with some appealing deals? Take advantage of this by booking contractor deals when it starts getting chilly! Overall, things are cheaper during winter.

Dedicate that precious time to indoor remodeling

It goes without saying that when you want to work on one thing, you eventually take up multiple other little endeavors – case in point, most people handle indoor and outdoor renovations at the same time in the hopes of getting everything out of the way.

Renovating during the winter allows you to focus on the interior, be it bathroom renovation or something more specific like patio and garage door repairs.

You and your contractors can dedicate time and energy to indoor needs, thus keeping the future workload during the summer or spring to its necessary minimum. Why try to fit everything in at once when you can take it slow and methodical?

Take the opportunity to travel or go on vacation

When you renovate during the summer or spring, you’ll eventually face some mild, yet irksome inconveniences – namely that you’re going to have to find workarounds for all the noise, eventual mess, and the likelihood of being forced to move around rooms with other family members.

All this hassle is further magnified by the summer heat, especially if you have energetic children who’ll most likely have their own grievances about sharing rooms or playing outside while the workers do their job. The winter season gives you the chance to escape to warmer climates and go on vacations. Granted, the same could be said for the warmer seasons, but you’ll find it harder to deal with your kids or other family members who may have the summer all to themselves.

There’s the added benefit of having all that sweet, sweet summertime free from any kind of extra labor or stressful planning.

Your comfort and health are in safe hands

There’s this commonly perpetuated myth that renovations during the winter automatically mean two things: accumulation of dust particles and less airflow needed for the job. Well, you’d be surprised!

Every self-respecting contractor has the required equipment for the tasks at hand, whether they’re meant for the colder or warmer seasons. There are various techniques and smart solutions to controlling dust particles– you’ll be satisfied to know that there’s nothing to worry about!

Here are some examples:

  • Tarp installation

  • Humidity control

  • Drop cloths

  • Proper box fan placement

Did we mention that it’s cheaper?

To reiterate a bit on the first point, contractor availability and discounts aren’t the only things you might like to consider, as materials in general are quite a bit cheaper during the off-season. Cheaper materials also pave the way for cheaper deals with contractors.

A good example of this is with bathroom remodeling services – oftentimes people think of bathroom and kitchen remodeling services as a “summer thing”, but what if we told you that it’s because of the market’s lucrative practices, and less so because the summer is optimal for that type of work. You’ll be surprised by how many great, cheaper deals are hidden in plain sight!

So don’t wait or ponder on it for too long, since we suggest you take up winter remodeling at the beginning of the season.

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