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Garage Security Tips That Will Make Your Home Safer

It shouldn’t be surprising that most burglars tend to target garage doors specifically, as they’re often the easiest entry point into homes. Given that garages also often provide direct, unguarded access to the house's interior, bolstering their security becomes priority number one for house owners worldwide.

While the thought of securing your garage might seem costly, especially if you’re thinking of bolstering it with a smart security setup, the potential risks and damages resulting from a break-in far outweigh the expenses. Today, we'll explore a few of the most effective tips to protect your garage door, discourage thieves, and ultimately enhance the safety of your humble abode.

Understanding the Vulnerability

US statistics reveal that more than 1.4 million burglaries occur each year – and you best believe that a lot of them are due to unsecured garages. Of course, to avoid becoming part of that statistic, it’s in your best interest to think a bit like a burglar yourself.

For one, the open visibility through a garage door allows potential intruders to survey valuable possessions, making it an appealing beginner target. Strengthening this weak access point becomes imperative to the whole “safeguarding your property” part of the equation.

Invest in a Smart Security System

Your first step is to consider whether or not you can squeeze a bit out of your budget for a smart security system. These systems allow remote monitoring via a smartphone app, providing alerts if unauthorized entry is detected by a camera and/or sensor, and enabling users to take immediate action – or, at the very least, quicker action.

There are also smart garage door openers, which give you access to seamless remote monitoring and control capabilities through their dedicated smartphone integration. Smart garage doors often come equipped with advanced security features, such as encryption protocols and multi-layer authentication, ensuring that your home remains secure and protected against hacking attempts, in addition to physical threats.

Secure Garage Windows

Having limited visibility into your garage can act as a decently viable deterrent for potential burglars scouting for easy targets. I mean, think about it – how many home invasions could’ve been prevented if people just did the obvious thing of closing their blinds and locking their doors? When valuable possessions or vehicles remain hidden from view, it reduces the temptation for intruders and minimizes the likelihood of break-ins.

Garage Door Upgrades

It should go without saying, but another way of significantly dissuading break-in attempts is by reinforcing your door. Consider upgrading to a dual or triple-layer door, which boasts superior durability and strength. Additionally, optional thickened strike plates reinforce the door's most vulnerable points, making it resilient against most attempts at forced entry.

Upgrading to doors equipped with security-focused features, such as advanced locking mechanisms or impact-resistant materials, also adds an extra layer of protection. You can strengthen the security of any access points by installing a steel security gate, complemented by a deadbolt lock.

Implement Motion-Activated Lighting

Although this could easily cozy up with the smart security system section we covered above, we've decided to give it the spotlight all by itself. And for good reason! Motion-activated floodlights serve as a powerful deterrent – and not just towards the monsters that hide under your kids’ beds. Bright lights can startle intruders and attract attention, potentially ruining their whole scheme and making your garage less appealing to burglars.

Securing During Extreme Weather Conditions or Power Outages

Making sure garage doors are safe during hurricanes or other extreme weather phenomena is as vital as anything else on this list, on top of routine security precautions. To survive extreme weather, install hurricane panels and strengthened brackets, or think about buying storm-resistant garage doors, which, while costly, can actually save you money in the long run.

In addition, knowing how to manually lock your garage door becomes crucial in the event of a power outage or a faulty garage door opener. It’s best you secure your door by following the manufacturer's directions and carefully pulling the emergency release levers.

To reiterate: securing your garage door isn't ‘just’ about protecting your material belongings; it's about safeguarding your family and home. By implementing at least one of these tips into your home security, you significantly reduce the risk of break-ins and fortify your home against potential threats.

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