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Give Your Patio a Cozy Makeover for Fall

The season of leaf piles and pumpkin spice lattes is approaching. What better way to welcome it than by decorating your patio with fresh, warm autumn colors that simply scream, “Hey everyone, go grab your comfy hoodies and mugs with funny quotes on them”? Or perchance you might want to spruce up the surrounding air with some smoky smells? We are here to provide you with creative suggestions!

The Right Scent

Whether it is the fragrant aroma of cider, cinnamon, or spices, your choice is far from limited. Different scents unlock different memories and associations within our subconsciousness, sometimes even strengthening the bonds between our sense of smell and our perception of colors.

Your first stop in this aromatic journey is in the land of scented candles, incense, and diffusers. Diffusers are the better option of the three in case you are afraid of leaving burning stuff unattended since diffusers use reeds to dissipate the fragrances.

Candles and incenses provide a quicker fragrance boost, with stronger scents and woodsy traces that fill up your rooms in a jiffy.

Fantastic Fabrics

Fall is the invigorating welcomer to chillier times, which means dressing not just yourself, but your surroundings too. Weighty, dense, and fluffier fabrics prevail during the brisker climates, especially ones in soothing shades of red or orange – such options are further expanded by complementary plaid patterns, especially ones in crimson or gold palettes.

Our main targets for this task are curtains and outdoor furniture. Take upholstery for example – if you have armchairs or sofas outside, why not give them a proper revamping with crimson plaid textiles or even custom prints related to the season – pumpkins, leaves, acorns, chestnuts, etc.

Curtains follow the same logic, either pick plaid, single colors or if you want to have fun, throw in prints of fall-related stuff. Go wild!

Speaking of fun, what brings more joy than plush decors? Be it woven pumpkins sitting neatly on the porch, knitted leaves on the front of your door, or cute plush animals such as foxes and hedgehogs perched cozily near your decorated pillows – your choice of quirky décor is endless!

Knitted decors are especially attractive as an option for those who knit or weave as a hobby. Sites like Etsy or Pinterest might act as valuable inspirations for your stylistic desires.

Or Maybe You Would Like to Go All-Нatural?

Sometimes the best way to greet the season of harvest is to make use of its fruits of labor – literally! Instead of plush pumpkin imitations, you might like the look of the real thing more.

You are not limited just to pumpkins, of course, as wreaths are also a wonderful source of autumn spirit. Besides leaves, you can also add pinecones or acorns as elements to your door décor.

But what about flowers? It’s not like they’re exclusive to summer and spring, so we suggest you look through some of the options: garden mums, flossflowers, African daisies, or the classic petunia. Those are just a small number of the plants that brighten up the windy climate, and what’s more, is that you can integrate your pumpkins into this little decorative endeavor by using them as makeshift flowerpots.

Now, the next natural step is to look toward the ceiling. Foliage, bare corn cobs, and dried peppers can all be used as creative ornaments for hanging. The other option is to coil them around your porch columns or pillars.

Plants, whether dried or living, will look especially good next to your windows, as they add to that desirable snug and homey atmosphere. The most basic form of practical décor is with dried leaves – as they stick to the corners of your windows, they complete the fall look of your exterior and open many creative possibilities in terms of patterning.

Bedeck & Brighten

The finishing touches to our furnishing frenzy lie within the realm of light. That’s right, we’re talking about lanterns (the traditional kind) and candles inside pumpkins. While the latter is often associated with Halloween more so than the entirety of fall, nothing is stopping you from placing candles in carved-out pumpkins anyway – minus the spooky faces. The main star of the show is the aforementioned lantern, though.

It can be filled with miniature pumpkins or dried leaves if you’re not planning to use it as an actual light source. However, we think it would be more pleasant and welcoming if you do opt for illuminating your porch with it, as nights during fall benefit from the grace of various glows and gleams.

All of the options above will impart you with some inventive, unique ideas. They’re all accessible as far as choices go, with some needing only an hour or so of prep work. We hope you find some much-needed joy and calm in these delightful suggestions.

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