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5 Ways You Can Give Your Backyard Patio an Overhaul

Updated: Dec 8, 2022

Does your backyard feel a little boring at times? Perhaps you’re looking to spruce it up but don’t know where to start. We’ve all been there – after all, it’s not just our imagination that can be limiting, as building codes or permits and budgeting all come into play.

There are many ways to circumvent those limitations, but for now, we’re here to focus on the first one – imagination. Plenty of fun ideas and possibilities can flourish as long as you figure out that first little step. Sometimes it’s about the placement of the items or assets; other times, it’s about figuring out ways to get around deterrents and creating something unique.

Regardless of whichever design philosophy or methodology you go for, we’re here to kickstart some fun ideas in your head, and help out with your backyard patio overhaul.

Division and Partition

Before you get into the nitty-gritty of the project, it is advised that you make a detailed plan of where (and which parts) you want to segregate for future steps.

Building some sort of foundation can give rise to inventive concepts. The base of the foundation can also be made out of countless materials, ranging from concrete to gravel or laid bricks.

Often, it doesn’t just boil down to where you put things but also what kind of space you create. You can separate areas into circular patterns or opt for something with edges – square walled spaces or rectangular ones often highlight particular symmetry, such as central furnishing.

Water and Fire

Once you figure out what kind (and amount) of empty space you will divide, the next step is to figure out if you want to have a lovely pond to fit the surrounding plantation or perhaps a fire pit for gatherings and campfire-style parties. Perchance, if feasible, both?

Usually, ponds go well as additional elements to hedges or patterned bushes, along with all kinds of plants and flowers. They provide a sense of tranquility and act as a focal point for the plant life around them, and they can house lilies or other aquatic flora. Besides, they are just wholesome and calming in general.

As for fire pits, those are more practical if you want to make your backyard a gathering place for social situations. It all really comes down to whether you prioritize tranquil privacy or communal activities.

Blossoms and Shrubbery

Speaking of plants – no, duh, add plants! We can’t possibly skip out on the most obvious idea here since plant life is what often makes or breaks a gorgeous backyard. For urban areas or parts with dedicated hardscape, you can add touches of greenery here and there with potted flowers. Succulents are our favorite choice to recommend!

Regarding hedges, they can have an additional privacy utility if you think about it. What better way to feel relaxed and cozy than laying in your folding chair away from prying (often neighborly) eyes? Hedges provide you with just that effect, along with some other bonuses like improved air quality and soil stability.

Bars and Grills

You want your backyard to look spiffy for the summer, right? And typically, that means utilizing it as best as possible for that season. I think you know where we’re going with this – summer barbecues! Furthermore, one’s going to need a proper dining spot if they’re going to chow down on some steak.

You can install an outdoor bar if tables seem too basic for you. It can be stone, concrete, or whatever else you feel like having. For a more rustic vibe, you could opt for a wooden slab, where guests can enjoy their sausages and fresh cocktails during the midsummer breeze.

Lights and Covers

Weather and time – the two natural forces that will affect your backyard’s atmosphere the most. We already addressed the idea of making a fire pit for late-night yard parties, but we have yet to dive into the land of funky lights and shelters.

LED strips, besides being illuminative assets, can also be decent decorative elements. Hanging some lights up on the ceiling of a shed or around wooden pillars can help create a very homely, somewhat holiday-like aura.

While on the subject, roofs and shelters of any kind are almost essential in some cases, as the weather, in particular, can affect more than the atmosphere – your leisure can be ruined by random rain spells or even scorching heat during extreme summer temperatures.

Fingers crossed that this article sparks something within our readers and may inspire some spinoff ideas that go even further beyond!

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