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Everything You Need to Know About Renovating Your Home's Exterior

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Exterior remodeling can be a tough task, especially if it’s your first time taking on this challenge. An exterior renovation can bring many benefits like stronger protection from the elements, lower energy bills, and increased home value.

Homeowners usually have several concerns. One is where to begin, how much to budget for this project, and in what order is it best to start. When you finish the process, you’d have a home aesthetic that takes everyone’s breath.

There’s no need to worry about details, as you can find the steps to renovate your home’s exterior below.

1. Start With a Plan

Begin with identifying what exterior remodeling services would you like to do. Make a vision of what your goal is and how can it be achieved in reality.

This requires you to give specific answers to why are you remodeling the exterior of your home, what remodeling services would you want to be done, and how would you like your home to look after.

The most common reasons for an exterior remodel are - a repair that must be done, a planned expansion of your home, modernizing the outlook, boosting curb appeal, and increasing the resale value of your property.

When creating a plan, set your priorities straight. There is a difference between what you need and what you want. What must be done immediately and what can be done later? Get specific about your goals so you can budget appropriately.

2. Continue by Setting a Budget

If you don’t set a realistic budget for your plan, you could expect costs to add up much higher than anticipated. As you are doing this, consider your vision and how you want each service done for your home, the timespan of each project, and what are you looking for in a contractor.

The costs that come with an exterior renovation range from as low as $5,000-$10,000 and can go up to $100,000 for a total renovation. Four factors affect the cost of your remodel – the contractor’s fees and deposits, material and transportation costs, labor costs, and costs for unforeseen occurrences.

Take some time to talk with potential contractors about your plan, vision, and budget for the renovation. They should be clear regarding each of their budgetary needs.

To get a sense of how different contractors would undertake your project, get quotes from three to four local and licensed contractors to ensure the best balance between price and quality.

3. More Reliable Security

Windows that can’t close all the way or have a hard time opening are more than just annoying – they can be harmful when you are trying to escape a fire, for example.

New functional wood, fiberglass, or vinyl windows will not only increase the quality of air in your home, but the improved functionality can be beneficial to your family’s safety.

Newer windows also include security options such as strong locks and security sensors, providing homeowners with an extra piece of mind.

4. Find a Trusted Contractor

Trustworthiness is essential when choosing the right contractor to perform your home project. Use this base to consider when you choose a contractor.

Find an Experienced Contractor

Look for one who has multiple years of experience with photos and positive reviews to correlate with their years in business. Further, make sure your contractor has experience with the type of service you are looking to perform.

Don't Make a Decision Solely Based on Price

Making a decision based on the price of the quote isn't always a great idea, as a lower price can mean a poor quality of work. This can lead to spending more money on repairs after the project is done. A high-quality contractor will ensure everything is in order before finishing your home renovation.

Do a Background Check on Your Contractor

Third, you should make sure that your contractor is fully licensed by the state. Visit their website whether they are a factory-certified vendor of quality materials.


Something that might seem minor but is crucial along the run – communication. Your contractor should communicate well with you, return your calls, and send you all requested information that helps you understand the range of your project.

They should make you feel like a priority. Hire a contractor you feel comfortable with.


Whether you are an investor who’s looking to attract potential buyers or a homeowner who wants to impress the neighbors, your property’s exterior is what always makes the first impression. That’s why an exterior renovation is crucial for anyone who wants to boost their curb appeal.

Follow the tips above to make the best choice regarding your home’s exterior. If you’re looking to remodel your outdoor space, we at YourHomeFix can provide you with trusted and qualified experts that can do the work while sticking to your budget. Contact us now to make an appointment!

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