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Five Kitchen Design Ideas

One of the choices many homeowners struggle with is which kitchen style to pick. In some instances, having an established style of your home makes it an easy decision. However, sometimes it can be a real nuisance. We have showcased several kitchen designs to smooth your kitchen selection and make it easier.

Everyone knows that the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s no longer a place where somebody cooks, it’s a room that sparks with creativity, where the family gets together, and memories are made. Kitchens are functional and deeply personal. It is where the cook can share his inner genius with others.

Read below to find out how you can create your dream kitchen, the place that will inspire you to spread joy with the food that you’re cooking. Learn about the most popular kitchen styles that define the look of homes today.


The traditional design has a clean and inviting aesthetic which uses classic design elements. Kitchens of this type are composed of fresh colors to create an elegant look that is never cliché. The white color and accents are essential to this style and are used to create a clean body that is both visually appealing and vigorous.

A traditional kitchen

To maintain a timeless appeal, details like paneled or glass cupboard doors are fundamental, and they are often highlighted by polished hardwood floors, modern stainless steel appliances, and marble countertops.

This, of course, is not the only way to combine details, as there can be infinite interpretations of traditionally styled kitchens.


This style is characterized by a combination of new and polished old-fashion elements. The contemporary design is highly popular with homeowners because of its minimalistic yet distinctive look.

While traditional kitchens use classic design elements highlighted by vintage details for a more family feel, a contemporary kitchen differs by providing an artistic approach. Contemporary kitchens are usually focused on the relationship between materials, surfaces, and colors.

A modern kitchen

Modern trends of this style include a lack of symmetry and a more geometric look. Horizontal lines create a plain and user-friendly appeal. Unexpected details like concrete flooring, brushed silver knobs, and chrome detailing create an industrial feel complemented by an artist’s vision


Transitional kitchens combine the best of two design concepts – traditional and contemporary. The contrast between these two styles is at the heart of this kitchen style. It offers the inviting comfort of a traditional kitchen space with beautifully clean and simple minimalist design elements found in contemporary styles.

A transitional type of kitchen

While most transitional kitchens incorporate these two styles, it’s not strange to see elements from other styles utilized as well. There is no strict definition for this style, but it’s generally accepted that it is a delicate and balancing act in terms of proportions and materials.


As the name suggests, this type of kitchen creates a beachy and coastal feel from the comfort of your home. Blue shades are incorporated with accents like seagrass and sand to create an inspiring vacation setting.

A beachy kitchen

Common elements are windows that help the sunshine spread over the kitchen to provide warmth and highlight the space. The beach style also promotes coastal-themed flooring in light colors and unique finishes to create a resort-like feeling.

Such kitchens are a great way to engage in thematic inspiration. You can decorate the room with seashells, sea glass, and other ocean-related items to recreate the calmness and experience it every day in your kitchen.


The eclectic kitchen is an ultimate mixture of contrasts and composition. It is characterized by bold paint choices, complex odds and ends, and various textural elements in one. The amalgamation of styles in this design choice reflects an individual’s various tastes, preferences, and personality, rather than a random mix of items.

A unique kitchen

If done correctly, the eclectic style can be a convenient way to reflect your inner self. It features mismatched accouterments mixed with pops of color that provide a sense of thematic order. The result is a personalized kitchen filled with rich color and textures that stimulates the senses.


These five styles are one of the main design choices that homeowners incorporate into their homes. Use the ideas to create the kitchen you envision, but keep in mind your whole home’s outlook. Choose a style that defines you and your house as well.

Don’t necessarily follow trends as the kitchen is the place where you spend time every day, not other people. If you want to transform your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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