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What Time of Year Should You Insulate Your Home?

If you’re living in an area that gets very cold or very hot, it’s essential that you insulate your home to ensure comfort throughout the entire year. Many people don’t realize that they’re spending excessive sums of cash on electric and utility bills due to their home not having quality insulation and that they could be saving hundreds of dollars.

Installing insulation is a home renovation job that takes some time and requires a plan that was made and executed by professionals. With that in mind, you might be asking yourself, what’s the best time of the year to insulate your home in that case?

YourHomeFix is here to answer that question for you!

Mild Weather is Always a Great Bet

Insulating your home whenever the weather isn’t too hot or too cold is a fantastic choice, as you’re not trying to stop the extreme temperatures from outside from entering your home. Fall and spring are both great for installing insulation, especially during the hotter weeks, as the insulation process will take less time to complete.

A man insulating a house

Insulating while the temperatures outside are mild allows you to stay comfortable, as you won’t need to blast the A/C to deal with the rough temperatures outside.

Once the insulation process is complete, you will instantly notice a difference. The temperatures in your home’s rooms will be even, your home will be way more comfortable, and you will pay less for money for energy bills.

Installing New Insulation Before Winter Will Save You Hundreds

It doesn’t matter whether you’re insulating your home for the first time or you’re looking to refresh your current insulation – fall is arguably the best time of year to complete this process. Insulating your home before winter will help you save money and help protect the environment, as you’ll spend less energy on conditioning the air inside your home.

Internal home insulation

Getting the right R-values for your area is an investment that will save you tons of resources in the colder months. R-values are the values professionals use to measure how strong a home’s insulation is. You should talk to an expert before starting an insulation project for your home.

The reason why the end of summer and the beginning of fall are the best times to insulate your home is that most people run their A/Cs the least during this period. This allows you to avoid discomfort due to temperature changes inside your home if you’re swapping your insulation.

Insulation Can Be the Final Touches of a Home Remodeling Job

One of the most convenient times to insulate your home is while your house is getting work done to its structure or interior. Most people decide to work on their home during the warm summer months, so the end of the project tends to line up with the beginning of the fall months – right on time for an insulation project!

A home getting renovated

If you’re remodeling your home and changing the wiring or fixing the plumbing, you could also determine if your home needs to get reinsulated. You can also contact YourHomeFix to get in touch with a local professional who can help you to determine whether your insulation needs work! A certified expert can diagnose whether your home has any air leaks and which areas need to be upgraded.

Some of the most common areas that require insulation are the attic, the basement, and the crawlspaces. The attic is important as most homes lose a lot of conditioned air through the roof.

A professional can help you determine all of this and what type of insulation is best for you!

The Best Time to Insulate Your Home is Now

Although there is an ideal time for insulating your home, as mentioned above, the best time to insulate your home properly is now! Even if the colder months are fast approaching, it’s never too late to get some done on your home. Once the insulation project is complete, you will instantly notice a difference in the temperatures and comfort of your home.

YourHomeFix can help you get in touch with the best professionals in your area and get a free inspection. You only need to contact us, and we’ll sort the entire process for you!

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