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Should You Insulate Your Basement

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Oftentimes, our basements don’t bring the best of associations into our minds. Damp, dank, dewy – regardless of whatever adjective you want to use, we doubt most people consider them to be household places worth insulating.

Believe it or not, several benefits come from insulating your cave-like utility space. Some are more obvious than others, naturally. Did you know that most well-researched statistics showcase surprising results when it comes down to investment returns? Or that insulating the basement lowers the costs of energy expenditure as a whole?

For us, the short answer to the titular question boils down to a short and simple “Yes.” But that’s obviously not going to be satisfactory enough for some, which is why we’ve compiled our main reasons as to why you should consider insulating your basement.

Increase the Value of Your Humble Abode

What if we told you that insulating the basement actually boosts the entire value of your household, making it a great and viable investment return? Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, the future value added will be beneficial for your inheritors.

Property value increases are in the low to mid-70s in terms of percentage – meaning that you can invest a realistic sum, for example – $4000, and expect a return of $2800 (give or take) regarding the value of your property as a whole.

You can even add rental units to a finely-insulated basement if your zoning department’s rules and regulations allow you to do so.

Make the Temperature More Welcoming

Let’s be honest with ourselves – nobody likes a damp and chilly living space. Insulation procedures that go towards your basement also yield positive advantages for the rest of your house and living space. You are essentially blocking indirect airflow for both warm and cold air, which means you will have more control over the temperature in other parts of the household as well – in other words, goodbye to those cold, uninviting floors.

On average, expect to save above $500 annually, especially if you live in a Climate Zone 3 and have invested in a good R-value insulation method.

Say Goodbye to Mold

If you insulate your basement, then you also prevent the moisture levels from becoming so severe, that you end up with a whole ecosystem of nasty mold and mildew under your cozy living space. Additionally, if you have a proper HVAC system set up, then dehumidification and energy savings increase as a result. You strike two birds with one stone – more welcoming temperatures and conditions mean better energy savings and fewer gross fungal formations!

Why Not Use Your Basement For Something Else

Basements don’t need to be limited by their traditional purposes as storage units. Use your imagination and provide additional living space for the comfort of your family and friends. Why not remake it into a guestroom, all warm and inviting? Or perhaps make it into an additional bedroom for guests?

In any case, there’s very little incentive for you to keep your basement in its regular, dank condition. Even if you only use it for storage and/or laundry, you still benefit from having a well-regulated, and even better sound-proofed space. After all, think about just how much noise an average basement can make.

Be Allergen-free Forever

We already mentioned the fungal varieties, but problems can also occur in the form of dust particles and various microscopic allergens. A damp and cold basement will inevitably lead to problems in the rooms above it.

All of that can be mitigated by insulating your basement with the proper materials. It doesn’t come down to better temperature control overall, but higher quality air in general.

A good place to start is with the walls, and you will eventually be able to determine whether to continue with the ceilings and floor. Sometimes, the best call for action is to consult home insulation services near you.

Experts and veterans in insulation know the ins and outs of proper basement insulation methods, the materials needed, and whether simple or more advanced insulation is necessary for your context.

If you need specific guidance or any advanced help, contact YourHomeFix. We are here so that we can provide the best services for remodeling, insulating, and so on – schedule a free inspection with us and consult our experts on home solutions that can help you plan your basement insulation.

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