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Renovations That Instantly Increase Your Home Value

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Renovations are often able to make everyday life more cheerful when all seems dull, repetitive, and monotonous. Applying some changes to your home can be both fun and beneficial when it’s time to sell or move. However, it’s important to know whether the reward will be worth the effort.

Knowing which renovations will get you the highest return for your money is essential because you can ask for a higher price when it comes time to sell. Therefore, you’ll want to make the best home renovations to add value to your home.

A house for sale

Before you commit to a remodel project you should evaluate its cost to its value. Ultimately, making house upgrades now and then increases not only your home’s resale value but positively affects your mood as well. In this way, you’re investing in your house and contributing to your well-being at the same time.

This article showcases the best ways to increase your home value. Check out how you can instantly improve your house!

Install Deck Lightning

Landscape lighting may seem difficult for DIY enthusiasts, but low-voltage lighting systems are actually not hard to set up. And if you focus mainly on your deck, the additional visibility will contribute to an extra level of safety.

Low-voltage systems are far less dangerous than standard household wiring because the system relies on a transformer plugged into a standard GFCI receptacle. That converts power from 120 volts to 12 volts, and after that, the current travels through outdoor cables to supply power to the fixtures.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of your home. Especially nowadays, when kitchens are used for more than cooking and family members spend most of their day there, it's important to have that space designed according to your desires and needs.

A cozy kitchen

And while the kitchen might seem full of expensive upgrades, the backsplash doesn’t have to be one. You can conveniently install a backsplash in just a weekend by yourself. Simply plan on installing the tiles on Saturday and grouting and sealing them on Sunday.

Renovate The Bathroom

A remodeled bathroom is a prime selling point for any home. When renovating, integrate sleek surfaces for a sparkling place that you can clean in no time.

Potential buyers are looking for a bathroom that can handle busy weekday mornings when multiple people need to use it at the same time. A double sink can solve this problem and it’s also ranked as one of the most desired bathroom upgrades by today’s buyers.

Another idea is that if your home has only one or one and a half bathrooms, adding a shower to a half bath, or adding a half bath to a living area for guests instantly increases the value of your home.

Enhance Your Home’s HVAC

HVAC is basically your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning, and those are the modules that keep everything functioning. These are the most difficult and crucial components to maintain. This is why buyers are looking for homes with a well-maintained HVAC.

Upon inspection, potential buyers are often unsettled by a home’s heater, air conditioner, or a roof that’s in poor condition. According to research, millennials are not willing to cope with old mechanicals, even if the seller is offering a home warranty as a way of compensation.

Expand Your Outdoor Space

The kitchen, bathroom, and outdoor spaces are the three home spots that can increase your home value by a lot. An outdoor living space will naturally turn your home into a comfortable place to unwind. Regardless of your budget, there are tons of ways to renovate your backyard, porch, or patio.

A luxurious outdoor space

According to sales experts, a screened-in porch or a backyard patio with an outdoor kitchen, a built-in grill, and a small fridge makes an excellent entertainment area.

A kitchen like this that goes beyond the grill with features like cabinets, countertops, a bar, and a small sink enhances the charm and luxury of outdoor dining and relaxation.

The Most Budget-Conscious Solution

A fresh layer of paint transforms the entire interior of your home immediately, modernizing and updating it. Even when you consider that the price of a gallon of one-coat paint is around $40, that’s one of the best investments you can make.

A person painting the wall in pink

Grey is back in style, and you can use it to create a neutral palette and make your decor stand out.

Invest in Your House Wisely

Knowing what buyers like can increase your resale value and help determine where to focus your efforts. Not only can renovation add value to your home, but it will also make your living space more enjoyable. Start thinking about what can be done for the future so you can relax later.

If you need guidance or any help, contact YourHomeFix. We can schedule a free inspection with an expert on home solutions that can help you plan your renovation.

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