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Essential Tips for Preparing Your Home for Fall

As the leaves on the ground begin to shift into golden, crackly blades and the brisk, almost ambrosial scent of autumn fills the air, we end up experiencing some – let’s say – “internal” changes, as well. And no, I’m not talking about bodily functions here; instead, I’m referring to the home designer within us, who awakens as each new season passes.

That very same designer in all of us is screaming one thing: “It's time to say goodbye to the sweaty summer and hello to the breezy fall!” Naturally, this pumpkin-themed season is all about maximum comfort and snug vibes, both within and outside your home. But to achieve that optimal level of coziness in your humble little home, you’ll have to know which areas to focus on. As such, we’ve gathered some tips for preparing your house for fall – one step at a time!

Autumn Adjustments

Let's kick the article off with a very practical, albeit “no-duh” sort of tip: declutter. Everything. Everywhere. Before you can fully immerse yourself in all the things fall has to offer, it's essential to commit to what you’d typically consider a “spring-only” task.

Begin by tidying up your main living areas, packing away items you won't need for this season and/or left over stuff from your beach vacation, and donating or storing things you haven’t used in (literal) years. While it may sound cliché, a clutter-free space is like a canvas on which you'll paint your autumnal interior masterpiece.

Creative Color Palettes

Fall is, among many things, a celebration of warm, inviting colors – oranges, browns, reds. Swap out your bright and soft summer decor for cozy, earthy tones like a deeper crimson, burning orange, or luxury brown.

You can incorporate these colors in your throw pillows, curtains, blankets and other small decorative items. Sites like Pinterest are especially useful for getting some much-needed inspiration! Remember to add a pop of color with some vibrant fall-themed decorations. You’ll also have to plan for Halloween, which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities to throw in some pumpkin tones!

Trendy Textiles

When it gets down to the colder seasons, it's all about those mystifying textiles. By investing in soft, plush blankets and throw pillows you can drape over sofas and chairs, you’re essentially maximizing your coziness levels to a new degree!

Moreover, layering these textiles adds warmth, visual distinction, and creates an appealing and inviting atmosphere. Faux fur and knitted textures are ‘especially’ trendy choices for fall, and while this may sound odd – the distinct fabric smell adds quite a bit to that “cottage-y” vibe.

Revamp Your Room

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, right? This makes fall the perfect time for a makeover, as it’s the other season (besides winter) in which you’re definitely going to be spending plenty of time cooped up inside.

For starters, swap out lightweight summer bedding for heavier options. Flannel sheets and a thick duvet are pretty much your best options during this season. Add extra throw pillows and a soft, plush rug to complete the transformation, and voilà.

Then there’s light – the crucial element in making any bedroom pop. Consider adding some warm-toned LED string lights or candles to your decor. These provide a soft, ambient glow and bring a touch of magic to your personal space; something that is welcome in ‘any’ season, if we’re being honest!

Embrace Seasonal Scents

Fall isn't just about the visuals; it's also about the aromas that fill your home. Consider adding a touch of autumn to your space with scented candles or essential oil diffusers. Scents like cinnamon, pumpkin spice, and apple cider can instantly evoke the cozy feeling of fall. You can make your potpourri with dried herbs and orange peels for a natural and delightful fragrance.

To summarize, preparing your house for fall is all about embracing this subtle, almost rustic sense of comfort as the days grow cooler and the nights longer. By following these simple tips, you can create living conditions that welcome the season and provide a haven of relaxation and (mainly introverted) enjoyment. So, grab your favorite sweater and a cup of hot… whatever beverage of your choice happens to be, and get ready to savor every moment of this beautiful season in your home. Fall is here, so you should enjoy it while it lasts!

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