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Must-Have Bathroom Amenities

The bathroom – a haven of relaxation, and, undoubtedly, one of the most utilized spaces in any home, for oh-so-obvious reasons we don’t need to expand upon. For most folks, it’s usually where they begin and end the day, and where they find some much-needed moments of solitude.

To fully enhance your humble little sanctuary, having the right items and amenities is of paramount importance in ensuring proper organization, optimal functionality, and improving that good ol’ thing we call style. From fixtures to “smart” bathroom appliances, your choice is limitless!

Of course, with an abundance of choice comes the age-old conundrum of “Where do I even begin?” Today, we’ll be helping you in answering that, as we'll explore a comprehensive list of essential items/amenities that will upgrade your bathroom’s comfort points!

Eco-Friendly and/or Smart Toilets

Want to make a sustainable choice? How about upgrading to an eco-friendly toilet? From dual-flush and low-flow to composting toilets, your options are extensive (and excellent to boot). With eco-friendly alternatives, you can reduce your overall footprint and save on what would otherwise be wasted water! Some specific models even incorporate sleek designs and comfort-centric features, which definitely boosts your bathroom’s overall modernity! Oh, and speaking of features….

We have smart toilets, which are an obvious choice for those with enough cash to spend! Besides incorporating cutting-edge design philosophies, these high-tech fixtures offer a range of functionalities, such as adjustable bidets, temperature regulators for both the seat and the water itself, along with other handy features like automatic flushing and air purification! With smart toilets, you can eliminate odors, bacteria, and boost comfort to its maximum!

Improved Shower System

If you’re searching for a way to enhance your daily routine, then it’s only natural to direct your attention to your shower. For example, by opting for a multifunctional showerhead with more than one basic spray pattern, you make it easier to clean, rinse, and exfoliate. What’s more is that if you seek a truly luxurious experience, thermostatic shower systems exist; and, boy, do they maintain a consistent water temperature and pressure! The cherry on top of all this is that a lot of modern, hi-tech showers come with digital controls as well.

There’s also twin showers, which can be adapted to various bathroom sizes and layouts, believe it or not. This makes them a fantastic choice for both spacious master bathrooms and smaller, more humble alternatives. Moreover, a diverter valve can be installed to toggle between one showerhead or the simultaneous flow of both showerheads, ensuring a better bathing experience overall – a win-win, no matter how you look at it.

Fancier Vanities

Think about it for a second: a well-designed vanity essentially acts as a focal point for your little aquatic room, in addition to acting as a storage solution. Plenty of folks look toward vanities with integrated countertops, sinks, and/or open shelves made from materials like marble or granite. And no, it ain’t just about the luxury points, as these materials are naturally suited for places that, well….often get wet!

By choosing soft-close drawers and doors, you can also minimize continuous wear-and-tear, in addition to reducing noise. Other storage solutions like wall-mounted cabinets and/or built-in niches can aid in the dreaded “bathroom clutter” we all surely despise.

Proper Ventilation Solutions

At the risk of sounding like Captain J. Obvious, excessive humidity can lead to a whole bunch of nasty problems, of which mildew and mold are perhaps the most prevalent and well-known. These unwelcome fungal intruders are more than just a visual nuisance; they turn your otherwise-cozy bathroom into a gross zone of potential health side-effects. Naturally, to prevent their unwelcome appearances, an efficient ventilation system is practically key to all this.

There are plenty of advanced smart solutions available. Exhaust fans equipped with humidity-level and motion sensors are automatically built to turn on when someone enters the bathroom, or when humidity levels rise above a certain unwanted threshold. Besides being convenient, they also save on energy this way. For even better energy efficiency, some homeowners may consider a ventilation system that incorporates an HRV or ERV, which are systems that exchange heat and (in the case of ERV) heat plus moisture between incoming and outgoing streams.

So, Which One Are You Focusing On?

To elevate your bathroom experience, you have to first ask yourself – “What am I truly missing?” Your choice goes beyond mere functionality – it's about creating a personal oasis where you can escape stress and relax while bathing, focusing on personal hygiene and beauty, or taking care of….business.

By incorporating these must-have bathroom amenities, you can transform your bathroom into something a tad more “extra.” Whether it's the convenience of smart technology or the functionality of improved storage solutions, each one brings its own little “+1” point to the bathroom game.

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