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How to Keep Your Home Cool During the Summer

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Many people like summer because we get to spend more time outside, go to BBQs, and dip in the pool. But there are days when the harsh summer sun isn’t so fun and blasting your AC at home seems like the only option.

We’ve all experienced the anger when you simply want to turn your house into a freezer and forget about the energy bill next month. But it’s important to remember that high energy use related to cooling houses in summer contributes to greenhouse gas emissions and global warming.

Furthermore, trying to get every task done in a hot steamy house can be tough. Sleeping can also be impossible on hot sticky nights, which is why there has to be a solution. Fear not, as there are plenty of easy ways to keep a house cool in summer, and we’ve collected them in this article.

Create a Cross Breeze

Creating a cross breeze is one of the most effective and cheap ways to cool your rooms naturally and prevent getting sick from sudden temperature changes.

To make it happen, open the windows on the side of the house that the wind is blowing from – then simply open the doors and windows on the opposite side of the space. If you only have windows on one side of the room you’re cooling, open the door on an opposite wall instead and open the window in the next room.

This will create a current of air that goes across the room. The natural ventilation will take the hot air and get it out through the opposite opening.

Draw Curtains and Pull Down Blinds

This obvious yet effective tip is also a good and cheap alternative, which can be useful during hotter days. Drawing your curtains or pulling your blinds will effectively block the big amount of sunlight that is trying to get into your room during the day.

This is particularly important in bedrooms that get the sun throughout the afternoon if you want them to be bearable for sleep during the night. To boost the effect of this tip, you can invest in thermal blinds and curtains, or blackout versions.

Invest in a Good Electric Fan

While an electric fan might not be the most energy-efficient way to cool your house, it can be a lifesaver on hot nights. Provided that electric fans have a high energy consumption, it pays off to ensure you’re using them in the most effective way.

Direct them upwards to make the most of the cooler air in your home, which will settle at floor level. Moreover, ensure no large furniture is blocking the airflow that is being produced.

You can also turn a normal fan into an ‘ice fan’ for a nice chilly blast by setting a bowl of cold water filled with ice in front of the fan blades. Proceed and ensure everything is at a safe distance, and you’ll quickly start having frosty water particles scattered across the room.

Swap Old Windows for Energy Efficient Types

While you may only have thought of double- and triple-glazed windows as a means of keeping your house warmer in winter, turns out they can also keep it cooler in summer. This is because these types of glazing stop heat transfer from inside to out and from outside to in.

If you want to upgrade your windows and achieve better temperatures, you might want to consider solar control glass.

Insulate Your Roof and Loft

If you’ve come across your loft on a hot day, you may have experienced a hot blast of air going right through you. Have you ever noticed how your upstairs rooms get warmer than the ones downstairs?


All in all, there are more methods to keep your home cool during the summer days. We’ve listed those we thought are less time-consuming and cheaper. You can find more information on how to make your home as comfortable as possible on YourHomeFix.

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