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How Often Should You Update Your Bathroom

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

The answer is simple. If you want to always be in touch with trends, then you should renovate your bathroom every five years or so. But if what concerns you is the lifespan of bathroom appliances, then you should aim at 15 to 20 years, depending on the condition of your bathtub and shower system.

These are rough estimations that shouldn’t be taken as a firm rule. Deciding to renovate your bathroom without it being dysfunctional is entirely up to you. Whether you want to update the look of your home to increase its resale value or you’re just tired of the same old look, the size of the update is your choice.

This article aims to deliver applicable knowledge and reasons why and when you should renovate your bathroom. Consider it as a guide and a second opinion if you’re motivated but can’t put your ideas into practice.

Common Reasons for a Renovation

Modern-styled bathrooms are bold, simple, and feature clean and straight lines. The straight lines provide a sense of orderliness and can be observed in every part of the room - countertops, sinks, and even in artwork.

The materials which are used in modern-style bathrooms are stone, porcelain, teak, and marble. The most common colors are simple and usually stick to black and white nuances. You can also incorporate art and fresh greenery because they are a natural fit for bathrooms of modern style.

It’s Not Functioning

If you feel like your shower, bathtub, toilet, or sink is giving up on you, then you should renovate. Not only will you get to replace the appliance, but you will also receive a great-looking bathroom afterward. It’s advisable to change all appliances together as you won’t be pleased with a disjointed bathroom.

It’s Falling Apart

Plumbing problems, loose tiles, and damaged bathroom appliances can be a big nuisance when encountered daily. If similar problems are left unaddressed, they can develop into larger issues that can drain your wallet in the future. Water is a tedious thing and can be your worst enemy. If you don’t approach this on time, you can expect a damaged bathroom and mold buildup.

It Smells

Is a bathroom supposed to smell funny? If the place where you cleanse yourself has lingering odors, even though you clean it every week, it could be that you have underlying issues. Problems such as mildew growth behind tile and a leaky toilet are the most common complications that may be causing an unpleasant smell.

It Feels Outdated

New bathroom trends appear every four to five years, but if you are not happy with your current style, then you may want to change the scenery. A renovation can be as simple as updating fixtures or wall colors. You don’t have to make huge changes to give a new life to your bathroom.

What Are Some Quick Fixes and Affordable Updates?

Bathrooms are supposed to be a comfy place where you can unwind after a busy day. Appearances shouldn’t strike you every time you use the bathroom. If you’re staring at all the imperfections of the room, invest in a bathroom remodel.

These don’t have to be big and expensive changes, especially if you’re on a budget or you don’t have the time and nerves to do a large upgrade. Small changes that can refresh your bathroom include:

  • Installing new shower fixtures

  • Replacing cabinetry

  • Updating lighting

  • Changing the color scheme of the room

How is a Renovated Bathroom Good for me?

A Bathroom Renovation Promotes a Positive Frame of Mind

A brand-new bathroom won’t only deliver good looks but will also make you feel good. It’s no secret that a sense of accomplishment arises when we recreate our mind's vision.

Additionally, you’ll have a better time using the updated fixtures. Oftentimes, the bathroom is the place when we are taking a mental break, so let this be your safe haven.

Add Resale Value to Your Home

There is good news for the financially oriented individuals out there who want to update their bathrooms. Even basic renovations to your home can increase its resale value, so in this way, you’re not only investing in the present but in your future as well.

Is a Bathroom Renovation Worth it?

A renovation is worth it only if you get something out of it. If you need a change or are planning to sell, then a renovation is in your best interest. If you don’t have the money or the desire to perform an update to your bathroom, then avoid doing it.

Just be sure to research and spend money guided by your emotions, as you can later regret your decision. We can assist you with information on everything home-related, so you can choose what’s best for your situation.

Furthermore, feel free to contact YourHomeFix for an appointment with our experts. They will provide a home solution according to your budget.

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