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How Often Should You Renovate Your Home

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

Every home needs a small remodeling or renovation every decade or so. Whether it’s to upgrade its overall look, increase its value, or repair some small issues, remodeling is always a good idea. With a little work here and there, you can easily achieve your dream appearance for your home.

Home remodeling trends constantly change, though, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of remodeling your home every few years to keep up with the latest looks. Just because styles often change doesn’t mean you need to keep your home perfectly up-to-date. You should be aiming to renovate your property depending on its condition – as long as your home never has any obvious issues, you can renovate it every 15-20 years.

What You Should Prepare For

Home renovations can be a lengthy process, depending on where you’re renovating. Sometimes it can only take a couple of weeks, and other times it can end up taking months. You should always do some research or contact a professional before starting a renovation.

A nice looking living room

You can figure out how long a renovation project will take you, depending on the size of the location. The condition of your property could also have an effect on how long the job takes – water damage, rot, and other structural problems can end up delaying the turnaround time.

You need to take into account all the details when estimating the project completion date.

Signs That Your Home Might Need a Renovation

If you’re thinking about renovating your home but aren’t sure, there are a few signs that tell you that you should go ahead and do it.

Detachment of the Tiles

The tile grouting in your home will start giving out after a while, and whenever that time comes, you might want to consider replacing the tiling system on your floors. The most common rooms that need tile replacements tend to be the kitchen and bathroom, as the water in those rooms wears the grouting out faster.

A couple renovating

Worn tiles never look nice, and they reduce your home’s value. If you want your home to look fresh or you’re considering selling, you should replace your tiles.

Roof Leaks

Your roof is your main source of protection from all the elements, as they keep rain, hail, and snow away from your home and its interior. Roofing systems tend to last for decades, but if you live in an area where the weather is harsh, they can end up rotting and damaged much sooner than originally expected.

Depending on what type of materials your roof is made from, you might encounter leaking problems that you need to address immediately to avoid further damage to your abode. Water can easily cause mold, damaged walls, and more.

Paint Chipping

A very common sign of wear-and-tear is the paint in your home starting to chip. This is a minor problem, but one that does ruin the way your walls look.

White paint and a brush

Repainting your walls is one of the cheapest and quickest types of remodeling jobs. If you see any chipping on your home’s interior or exterior, you should consider adding a fresh layer of paint. A small-scale renovation like that can easily breathe life into your home. White paint that’s started to yellow is a good example of when a paint job is needed.

Not all renovation projects need to be big. Sometimes a small one can do wonders for you.

Pest Infestations

One of the biggest issues you might encounter is pest or insect infestations – this is also a huge sign that your home needs work. Termite infestations are one of the most common types of issues that you might encounter, especially if you use low-quality materials for your home’s remodeling projects.

Insects and pests will cause your home to deteriorate rapidly, so you should always be wary.

A Good Renovation Requires Dedication

You should always be prepared to spend your time and money on your renovation project. Quality results require commitment, but they’re worth it, as a good quality job means that you’ll need to renovate much less often.

A house in the middle of renovation

Additionally, you should set aside some extra money for projects in case any unexpected issues arise.

If you’re looking for professional help, YourHomeFix can get you in touch with the best specialists in your area and arrange a free inspection of your home!

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