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7 Home Energy Myths You Shouldn’t Believe

Everyone wants to save money from energy and utility bills, and the most logical place to start searching is the internet – the thing is, it’s common to come across tips that simply aren’t true. There are many “life hacks” about keeping your AC vents open or closed, turning your appliances off, and tinkering with the thermostat, but you should never blindly follow these.

We’ve prepared an article with 7 common myths about home energy that you should never believe.

1. Setting the Thermostat Higher Heats Your Home Faster

A woman setting up the thermostat

Many people think that whenever you set a higher temperature for your thermostat, you’re going to get to your desired temperature faster. What you don’t know is that regardless of what temperature you set, your AC or furnace will work just as hard to reach it.

The reality is that whenever you set your system to a higher temperature, it needs to work harder for longer periods, which equates to it using much more energy.

The same concept applies to setting ACs to a lower temperature than desired.

2. You Should Hand-Wash Dishes Instead of Putting Them in the Dishwasher

A common myth that people believe is that washing all your dishes by hand will save you a lot of money on water bills.

The truth is that washing the dishes by hand requires way more hot water than you believe, which, in turn, equals you spending more money on utility bills. Modern dishwashers have energy-efficient settings that don’t use as much hot water as a running sink.

3. Appliances Use No Energy When You Turn Them Off

Unless you unplug your appliances every time you use them, you won’t save any money on energy bills.

Kitchen appliances

Appliances are made so that they use energy even when they’re turned off. Most of the modern ones have standby power settings that allow them to be ready for immediate use as soon as you turn them on. This means that they will keep using energy even when turned off.

Unless you’re okay with unplugging and plugging in your appliances every time, there’s no way to save money from this type of energy expenditure.

4. Chargers Don’t Use Any Energy If They’re Not Plugged into a Device

Another common myth is that there’s no issue with keeping your charger plugged in all the time since it doesn’t use any energy if nothing is connected.

A phone getting charged

This is false, as most chargers use energy even when they’re not plugged into a device. You can check if a charger is working even when unplugged by checking if it’s hot to the touch – if it is, it’s using energy.

You can avoid this issue by unplugging your character when you’re not charging anything.

5. Using a Fan Will Keep a Room Cooler

One of the most common misconceptions about fans is that they will help keep your room cooler. Fans actually only move air throughout the room and don’t cool it down.

Having a running fan in your room might make it feel cooler, but the temperature in the room won’t change. Leaving a fan on only wastes energy, as it’s not cooling the room down at all.

6. Your Home Loses Most of Its Heat Through the Windows

It might be true that a home loses heat through its windows, but your walls are the place where you will lose most heat – specifically in rooms like the attic and basement.

A man insulating the outside of a home

The best way to avoid losing conditioned air is to insulate your home properly, including having high-quality window insulation.

7. Buying a Modern HVAC System Will Instantly Save You Money on Bills

This myth has some truth to it, but it doesn’t paint the entire picture. You won’t get the most out of a modern HVAC system if your home isn’t energy efficient.

An AC unit

Many duct systems aren’t properly installed and can cause a lot of conditioned air leakage without you realizing it. Your home also needs to have proper insulation so that the conditioned air doesn’t escape outside.

Working With Professionals is the Best Way to Save Energy

As you can see, there are a lot of misconceptions about energy usage on the internet. The best way to save energy is by having quality insulation, air conditioning, and ducts.

If you want to optimize your home’s energy efficiency, you should get in touch with a professional. YourHomeFix can schedule a free inspection with some of the best contractors in your area whenever it’s most convenient for you – just get in touch with us!

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