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Here's Why Spray-Foam Insulation is Worth it

Updated: Feb 10

We don’t need to tell you why insulation is essential for homes. With insulation, you successfully maintain the thermal balance in your home by reducing the heat flow effect throughout the rooms, and you save on unnecessary costs from heating and cooling.

Of course, not all insulation is made equal. Each type has its pros and cons, but spray-foam insulation cannot be beaten in terms of sheer investment benefits. In fact, statistical data supports spray foam’s advantages in saving up to fifty percent of overall heating and cooling costs when taken together.

In this article, we’ll be delving into that plus more as we go through the value and merit of spray foam. Who knows, your next big project might just involve high thermal insulation!

It’s Extensive & Efficient

Did you know that the average US household with traditional insulation leaks over forty percent of its consumed energy? Out of the aforementioned fifty-percent savings, about forty are just from saving on heating expenses!

Thanks to its naturally high thermal resistance and higher R-value on average (compared to something like glass wool), spray foam ends up blocking all three types of heat transfer: radiant, conductive, and convective. The cells spread throughout all kinds of tight nooks and crannies, so the air barrier is fantastic!

Ingenious Investment Benefits

To expand upon what has already been mentioned in our introduction, spray-foam insulation’s savings come in long-term form, as the initial upfront cost will most definitely end up being more expensive than the other more traditional options.

If your HVAC system could talk, we’d like to think it would be quite thankful to you if you invest in the long-term spray foam benefits. Maintaining balance with your household’s thermal regulation also eases a lot of the workload on HVAC setups. Think about how much potential money you save just from not having to upgrade or fix fewer HVAC-related problems!

Ensures Supreme Silence

Naturally, with high-quality heat insulation, you have better external noise blocking as a handy-dandy bonus. The density of the foam clouds and extensive cell lining provide adequate noise isolation for…well, a comfier living experience – especially if your neighborhood tends to be noisy.

Spray foam insulation is split into two types: open-cell foam and closed-cell foam. While not necessarily better than one another, open-cell varieties definitely win the sound isolation competition. The cells aren’t fully encapsulated, meaning that the foam itself is softer. Softer foam equals “soft” noise, as it were.

The Freshness Factor

Since foam insulation helps control and maintain airflow, this naturally affects the air quality as well. The foam keeps your humble abode feeling, well – fresh!

It ensures a contaminant-free environment, so people susceptible to allergic reactions benefit from foam cells.

Better maintenance of inside and outside substances also provides homeowners with a stable environment for moisture control. Better moisture resistance – obviously – entails fewer unpleasant encounters with mold and bacteria.

You owe it to your personal health and your family’s well-being to invest in high-quality foam insulation.

Fortify Your Framework

Here’s a little secret – spray foam insulation won’t’ start sagging or giving out, which also means your year-round protection is ensured in more ways than one. We’re not just talking about efficiency – we also want to stress just how much you benefit from foam’s structure-strengthening attributes.

Rigidity and density are the keywords here. Closed-cell foam adds plenty of structural support to walls, frames, ceilings, etc.

Statistical data doesn’t lie, and it shows a thirty percent increase in overall structural stability. With each new innovation regarding foam technology, expect to see even better results in the future.

Pest Protection

Last but far from least – we have the fauna aspect to consider. Nature is great, don’t get us wrong, but we seriously doubt anyone wants their household to be the equivalent of a free hotel for nasty insects, arachnids, or other critters.

Many patented foam spray options have ingredients that make them unattractive to pests, meaning that you don’t have to worry about them chewing through the insulation or finding their way through tight gaps.

We hope that this article was enlightening for our readers! There are plenty of advantages to closed-cell and open-cell foam insulation to keep track of, especially their longevity. With spray-foam insulation, you ensure the comfort and well-being of your family!

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