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Decluttering Before Fall Comes Around

As summer’s (overly) warm touch slowly gives way to fall’s crisp breeze and pumpkin spice-infused atmosphere, so do our old habits give way to new and exciting possibilities. The arrival of “fall,” or autumn, presents a couple of excellent opportunities: from changing your wardrobe to focusing on healthy physical and mental habits, which actually go hand-in-hand with our topic of the day – decluttering! You know, the art of minimizing, putting order into place, and sprucing up the atmosphere around you!

Creating a cozy, clutter-free, humble abode for the coming months requires quite a bit of effort and willpower, but that’s only on the surface, as it doesn’t have to be complicated. In this article, we'll explore the art of decluttering step by step before fall sets in, and help give you ideas on creating the serene space of your dreams!

Decluttering the Kitchen

To kickstart your decluttering journey, focus on the heart of your home - the kitchen. With autumn-centric recipes in mind, consider the state of your pantry: dispose of expired items and donate foods you won't consume.

What’s more, as some of our relatives used to say, is that coziness goes well with tidiness. Clear off countertops for those future pumpkin cooking sessions, and reorganize your cooking utensils for easier access – making for a better, “pulled together” look that won’t cause your grandmother to have a mini-migraine…

Transition to Your Living Spaces

Bid farewell to summer decor's exotic, beach-like lightness and make way for autumn's rustic, subtle charm. Naturally, as you declutter and look for possible areas of interest, pay special attention to your living room and bedrooms.

Store away summer-themed items and replace them with some aromatic candles, those funny pumpkin-themed knick-knacks you found on Etsy and/or Pinterest, some fall foliage, warm-hued cushions, and even earthy accents that exude “fireplaces, cups of coffee, and a whole lot of chill.” And no, we don’t mean chill in the Gen Z sense here…

The Wardrobe Shuffle

As temperatures drop, it's time to curate your wardrobe for the breezier times. To do this, take a mindful approach by decluttering your closet. This doesn’t mean you have to go all out on minimalism – but try to keep things on the functional side, not the fast-fashion one.

For starters, try to sort through your clothes, parting with items that no longer serve you. This allows you to create enough new space for sweaters, scarves, and jackets, ensuring your wardrobe reflects the upcoming season's style and warmth. Oh, and hoodies. Can’t forget about the hoodies!

Nurturing Your Home Office Nook

For those busy folk with a home office, tidying this space is essential for maintaining productivity. This is why you should clear your workspace of unnecessary distractions, organize your stationery, and file away… anything that looks like an old piece of boring paper. Remember – a well-organized workspace can foster focus and efficiency as you work through the season of falling leaves and scarves.

Moreover, decluttering isn't confined to physical spaces alone. Dedicate time to organize your office’s digital realm. Clean your inbox, delete redundant files, and streamline your computer desktop. A clutter-free digital space promotes a clear mind and paves the way for a more organized future.

Cultivating a Mindful Autumn Lifestyle

As you embark on your decluttering journey, adopt a mindful approach to consumption. Before making new purchases, consider whether the item aligns with your decluttered vision and if it ‘genuinely’ enriches your home life. Emphasis on genuinely, here! Embracing conscious consumption contributes to maintaining an organized and peaceful household, which is something most folks forget.

The act of letting go of unnecessary items not only prepares your home for the changing season but also encourages a deeper connection to the beauty of simplicity. It is, after all, the basic principle of home design – making more out of less. As you sip your warm beverage and wrap yourself in a cozy blanket, you can now revel in the tranquility of your clutter-free haven – a true embodiment of the spirit of autumn, wouldn’t you say?

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