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Creative Ways to Make Your Bathroom Look Bigger

Space – we love having more of it than we could possibly need! Of course, adding space isn’t exactly something you can physically do with the flick of the wrist. Many homeowners desire that spacious vibe, especially when it comes to bathrooms, but they’re stuck with smaller alternatives.

In the same way a room can “feel” cramped and tiny, you can also implement some clever interior design choices to make it “feel,” well, large and commodious! Sometimes it falls on visual tricks; other times, it boils down to making the most out of less.

From color choice to efficient space use, we’re here to provide you with some creative and unique ideas on how to make your bathroom look and feel bigger!

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

One of the easiest yet most underrated methods of “tricking” the visual design of a room is to add a big ol’ mirror! The strategic placement of your humble reflecting surface apparatus entails one practical visual illusion.

Aside from providing more illusionary “space,” mirrors also reflect more light, especially the natural variety. This opens up your bathroom even further! If you want to focus on vertical space, opt for a tall mirror instead of a wide one. Full-length, horizontally-spanning mirrors will, as anticipated, provide a broader look.

Lend Color to the Hidden Depths

The right paint can make or break your bathroom’s depth. Or any room’s depth, for that matter. But when it comes to bathrooms in particular, knowing where and what kind of shades to implement can undoubtedly change the illusion of depth, like with mirrors.

Light colors, such as off-white palettes and pale shades, have a hand in increasing your bathroom’s natural light levels, which for those not paying attention – gives your rooms a more significant spatial depth!

If you want to add to the optical illusion, you can stretch the space horizontally by painting half of the bathroom walls (from the bottom to the center) in a light shade, with the rest being darker. If you want to expand the entire space of the room, then opt to slather lighter shades everywhere!

Make More Out of Less

Certain bathroom cabinets can be limiting when it comes to storage and often take up more unnecessary space than they save, especially vanity cabinets.

While giving illusionary depth to your bathroom can prove satisfactory, for genuine, practical advice – it’s best to ditch the bulky cabinet in favor of a cantilevered countertop and (or) a pedestal sink setup.

Keep in mind that benefits may vary from person to person, especially if you’d rather free up space for various bathroom items like makeup, shampoo bottles, and so on. And speaking of utilizing cabinet space…

To the Window, to the Wall

You can save a surprising amount of space just by implementing a cabinet that is mounted to the wall instead of a regular floor cabinet.

By opting for a suspended wall cabinet, you save extra floor space, which can have plenty of unique uses, not just for storage but for setups where there’s a moving mechanism underneath. Alternatively, you may like to have the free space for your toes, or rather – for them not to get hurt by getting bumped into things!

You may also like to consider floating shelves and affixed towel racks that can save even more space than their traditional alternatives.

Hide in Plain View

People tend to be surprised by the space advantages they gain from simply remodeling the bathroom to accommodate a hidden toilet or integrating recessed items.

By hiding the toilet, you draw attention to other elements of the bathroom, especially if it is hidden by a pocket door. Speaking of doors, while this won’t be a dedicated entry in and of itself, doors, or at least their mechanical “presence,” can be “hidden” in the sense that their space-wasting can be reduced if they swing outward instead of inside the bathroom.

In addition, recessed accessories like paper holders, along with niches for display and toiletries, can both add to the overall visual depth and richness while also reducing wasted space in the process. The more protruding objects you avoid, the better.

Niches in the shower walls, for example, can prove helpful in holding shampoo bottles and soaps, among other bath-related items.

Did you enjoy our in-depth article on saving bathroom space and making it appear bigger than it actually is? We hope we sprung about some fantastic ideas in your noggin’! Indoor space is all about how you make do with what you have, after all!

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