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Common Misconceptions About Replacing Windows

Myths and misbeliefs are common in the world of renovations, especially ones that are widely spread by the very same “experts” whose supposed aim is to clear those issues up. As such, it’s safe to assume that most folks have fallen for one myth or another, regardless of their overall know-how.

Window replacement projects are no exception to this conundrum. In fact, we’d even go as far as to say that tasks like window or door replacements are the usual targets for renovations’ version of old wives’ tales. Luckily, it’s a good thing we’re here to comment and shed light on these various myths! The last thing any homeowner wants is some falsehood keeping them from making the right decision.

“New Windows Can Cause Subtle Damage”

One of the first widespread myths we’d like to put an end to is the newbie homeowner’s assumption that by replacing your old windows, you risk damaging the surrounding walls.

For obvious reasons, working with reputable window companies ensures that this doesn’t happen. Professionals can finish the replacement task in no time while also making sure no part of your wall is damaged.

Double-glazing is a particular worry for most, as there does exist a minuscule chance of the plasterwork being damaged. However, we’re really emphasizing the “minuscule” part here. Luckily, reputable and qualified installers will always have an agreement in place for whatever happens in case of any damages.

“The Warmest Time of the Year is Best for Replacements”

You’ll see this one or its many variations a lot. While it’s true that some renovation tasks may benefit from being done in late spring or early summer, window replacements don’t fall under this category.

Believe it or not, fall is actually a way better season for window replacements, thanks to the temperate weather. This aspect also bodes lower cooling and heating costs as a result.

Ensuring a tighter seal before the advent of winter also entails another thing – contractor availability. Contractors are free or in the process of freeing up during fall, which is why it’s better to take advantage of this during the pumpkin-spice season!

Plus, think about it for a second – instead of spending the sweltering-hot summer day window-less, you can opt to save yourself (and your contractors) the discomfort and potential cooling costs.

“Windows Aren’t That Important to Energy Efficiency”

Do you hear that? That’s every game show’s stock buzzer sound effect going off because this is one of those statements that are just so erroneous that they shouldn’t normally require any further elucidation. And yet – here we are.

Too many people (most of whom have lived in one place for the majority of their lives) underestimate the crucial role windows play in household energy efficiency. Wasted energy and the dreaded air drafts are natural side effects of poorly sealed windows (and/or doors).

As a matter of fact, heat loss and heat gain can account for somewhere between twenty to thirty percent of cooling and heating energy expenditure in households. If you want to strike a balance between efficiency and cost, you should discuss the right window style and materials with a professional.

“I Can Handle Window Replacements as a DIY Project”

While it may seem tempting to replace your windows by yourself, especially if you’re looking to save a bunch of money on labor, the risks associated with the endeavor aren’t worth it.

Aside from being difficult for non-pros, window replacements can end up with unsatisfactory results. The initial investments in airtight sealing and proper installation pay off in the long run – the same cannot be said for DIY attempts, which may end up setting you back (ironically).

There are too many factors and processes involved – cutting, reframing, leveling, proper sealing, etc. It should hopefully start to sink in just how many potential errors there are in DIY projects like this.

You should always choose a fully-qualified and licensed window company to install your new windows. In addition, whereas you’re on your own with DIYs, if any problems emerge with the window company’s work, you always have the warranty to fall back on.

We hope you enjoyed this elucidative deep-dive into the various myths of window replacements, and why you shouldn’t fall for them. After all, knowledge is power – and nothing’s more ‘powerful’ than being well-prepared for life’s surprises.

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