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Bring Life to Your Home With a Spiffy Garage Door

Garage doors can only inspire so much inner creativity before it becomes excessive. After all, for most people, their garage door purchase, renovation, and upkeep don’t go beyond the choice of material, color(s), or frequency of maintenance. With that said, some of our readers may be surprised to find out that the “garage door rabbit hole” can go quite deep.

In fact, garage doors can be a significant visual enhancement to your home’s overall exterior. We’re talking about general curb appeal, color matching, and modernity, among other aesthetic facets. And that’s just regarding the visual aspect of it!

Join us in this article as we go through the various ways new, refurbished, or even nicely maintained garage doors can bring life to your home, whether through visual appeal or practicality!

Colorize and Contrast

A garage door isn’t just any utilitarian structure for your car and, well….garage. It’s also a significant element of your house’s outer look (and feel)! And that includes the way its colors interact and contrast with the rest of your structure.

Perhaps you’d like to aim for a more timeless, minimalist look – in which case, colors like white, beige, or Oakwood brown do the job just fine! Darker colors will provide a better contrasting “ingredient” to a brightly-colored house, and vice versa. For the optimal modern appeal, aluminum gray and – believe it or not, black – add a distinct flair that can only be replicated with a suitable exterior material. Speaking of materials…

Style in Substance

Assuming you’re on the lookout for a new garage door entirely, then you’ve most likely thought about what kind of material it will be composed of. And don’t make the mistake of thinking that the type of material only correlates with whatever color you’ll be going with – there’s a lot more to it, visually speaking!

Texture is the keyword here. The finish and consistency of your garage door can make or break the facade in more ways than one.

Steel is the go-to option due to its versatility, but it may be too basic for particular tastes. Aluminum, especially when paired with glass, provides your household with a clean, modern, and effortless look. Our last example (of many more) is wood, which can give your house a pleasant, natural “aura” that ages gracefully.

Of course, there’s also the utilitarian aspect to consider with your choice of material, as each material type has its benefits and negatives regarding insulation and upkeep.

Provide Practicality

Our next point pertains precisely to that – practicality and utility! Depending on where one lives and what kind of climate or seasonal variety there is to their locale, it’s only natural that one of homeowners’ top concerns is insulation. For others, it can also be a matter of convenience and modernity.

As far as the former need is concerned, polystyrene is the most common recommendation for steel or aluminum garage doors, especially since it comes in sheets and easy-to-install kits. Meanwhile, polyurethane is the slightly more expensive option that comes in foam form to better dampen sound, among a few other smaller benefits.

Regardless, either choice will provide excellent thermal and comfort-assuring benefits for your household, not just the garage itself. On the subject of the previously-mentioned convenience and hi-tech implementation, the choice of shutter type can significantly affect how easy you’ll have it when going in and out while also giving your home a digitalized, smart-home spin in the process.

Soundness in Security

On the topic of smart-homes and digitalization, it doesn’t necessarily end with convenience or comfort, as your and your family’s safety is also a top priority. Garage doors can often lead to the number one alternative break-in method for thieves and various other criminals.

Even if it doesn’t extend to the well-being of your family, there’s still the matter of the various items and appliances that are kept inside the garage. That’s why modernizing (and adding on to) your garage door setup can prove beneficial, thanks primarily to smart locks and hidden cameras.

Moreover, safety doesn’t just mean protection from outside ne'er-do-wells – installing a hi-tech shutter with protective features also greatly reduces the risk of harming your child or pet (assuming you have either).

To reiterate the previous points, garage doors, in general, are a major visual and functional element to your household, so maintaining and upgrading yours should be a top priority – one that services like YourHomeFix can help out with! We hope this article convinced some readers that garage door upkeep and revamps are a must. After all, functionality and looks go hand-in-hand to bring life to your humble abode!

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