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Bathroom Renovation on a Budget

Aside from being a general place for privacy and hygiene, the bathroom is also one of the most expensive parts of the whole household package. Think about it – if it weren’t for the kitchen (which is a whole different deal in and of itself), bathrooms would take the number one spot in the “most expensive part of a house” contest.

Indeed, there’s quite a lot that goes toward making bathrooms what they are – aesthetically pleasing, functional, relaxing, etc. We’re talking about significant plumbing endeavors, tile work, varying levels of electrical tasks, and the labor itself.

Naturally, what this means is that more and more people become increasingly interested in cheaper or somewhat budget-friendly ways to give their bathrooms a fresh new look without having to break the bank. And – you’ve guessed it – that’s precisely why we’re here!

It’s time for us to shed some light on budget-oriented bathroom renovation! All it takes is some imagination and maybe some paint here and there.

New Tints and Tones

Starting out with the super-obvious choice of, well, painting – it goes without saying that splashing some new colors can be a cost-effective way of breathing new life into any living space; bathrooms are no exception.

In fact, we’ve previously talked about the clever ways one can make their bathroom appear more spacious, with color playing a massive role in the spatial illusion of your rooms.

A fresh coat of paint can do plenty of other things – aesthetically speaking, it adds life and some character and makes other parts of the bathroom pop out more!

Maybe Acrylic – or Even Vinyl

Let’s face it – tiles suck. Sure, they’re often the go-to option for looks, but they’re prone to various problems like cracking and collecting mold. Acrylic, on the other hand, is a much-cheaper material, both for consumers and manufacturers.

Of course, even acrylic tiles can be an expensive investment, depending on just how “budget-friendly” of a bathroom renovation we’re talking about here. We'd like to suggest peel-and-stick tiling for folks who really want to save some cash – or those who can’t afford a serious, full-on renovation.

Peel-and-stick tiles are a popular option for DIY fans, not just because of the inexpensive factor but also because of the various colors and design patterns available.

Reflect on Some Things

Mirrors are more critical to your bathroom’s overall aesthetic “aura” than you’d initially think. They’re particularly crucial in defining a focal point and providing value to the illusion of spaciousness.

When you start to really think about it for a second, even the more expensive, ‘hi-tech’ mirrors with functionalities like built-in anti-fog heating and adjustable LED lighting tend to be cheaper than some dedicated (and exhaustive) renovation endeavors.

While bigger mirrors can help out with that aforementioned spatial illusion, there’s also the fact that LED mirrors add to the overall coziness of a bathroom, with lighting often being the ‘make or break’ cherry on our figurative cake.

Oh, and we probably don’t need to mention the enormous practical bonus that anti-fog mirrors provide us with. When was the last time anyone on this planet looked at their cloudy mirror and thought, “Boy, I sure do love not seeing myself while shaving?”

Some Smaller Updates

We mentioned painting the walls, but have you thought about the bigger picture? Here’s a hint – lacquer and spray paint!

Maybe you don’t like the dull look of your faucet, its shut-off valve, or any other particular metallic element – so why not add shade? Black looks elegant and professional, which is especially relevant to the current wave of bathroom aesthetics.

There are other little touch-ups you can do, of course. For example, you could opt for a brand-new shower curtain to spice things up. Minimalistic shower curtains can really make a striped wall design pop or vice versa.

Additionally, there’s value in refinishing older things. A full-on replacement of a bathtub or sink might not be possible, but have you thought about refining or refinishing those yellowed surfaces and unsightly cracks?

We hope this article jogged some creative ideas in your heads! Bathrooms, while generally expensive investments, don’t necessarily benefit only from the high-end stuff – sometimes, you just need a little update to your crib.

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