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The 6 Life-Changing Benefits of Insulating Your Home

Insulation is the best way to save money from bills while making your home cozier at the same time. It might seem like a hassle at first, but the right professionals will insulate your home quickly and efficiently.

There are also a lot of misconceptions when it comes to insulation. One of them is people thinking that it’s only beneficial during the winter. That’s far from the truth, as insulation is great for your home all year round, saving you money on energy bills and making sure you’re not losing any conditioned air.

After all, insulation’s primary job is to regulate the heat flow in your home and keep the temperature in your house nice and even, with no air entering or leaving your home.

In this article, we’ll talk about just some of the long-term advantages of insulating your home.

1. Keep The Conditioned Air in Your Home

Here’s an interesting fact – did you know that poorly insulated homes leak a large percentage of conditioned air? This is most apparent during the mornings after you turn off your A/C units throughout the night.

You wake up on a winter morning, you step out of bed, and you feel like you’re freezing to death. Sound familiar? This is a sign of your home being poorly insulated. The same situation arises in the summer when you wake up covered in sweat.

A lightbulb with a $50 bill underneath

Heat can escape through your house’s roof, not just its outer walls. You might even have your air-conditioned air escape to other rooms in your home. In a properly insulated household, this doesn’t happen. Proper insulation limits airflow, ensuring that the temperatures don’t fluctuate.

2. Save Money from Energy Bills

One of the main benefits of insulating your home is the money you save on energy bills. By not having it insulated properly, you might be increasing your energy bills by 20-30% just because you’re leaking air and your A/C is trying to compensate. This is money that you could easily keep in your wallet every month.

By improving the insulation for your home’s rooms, windows, and roof, you reduce the intensity at which your conditioning units need to work. This is an easy way to save money in the long run.

3. Increased Comfort

Thanks to insulation keeping your home conditioned ideally during all seasons, your family can enjoy your living space throughout the whole year. Comfort is a vital element of a great home, and by having the ideal temperature in each room, your abode will be as comfortable as it can be.

A cozy living room

There will be no need for you to constantly tune your HVAC unit or settle for an unfavorable temperature. Quality insulation ensures coziness.

4. More Environmentally Friendly

By using less energy to condition your air, you reduce your carbon footprint. If you’re interested in living “green,” you’re very aware of how essential it is for every single one of us to reduce our carbon footprint.

Quality insulation reduces the amount of energy that your home uses, and in turn, you produce fewer harmful emissions and have less of an environmental impact.

Our specialists can also assist with giving you the insulation which has the smallest environmental impact.

5. Boost Your Home’s Value

This might come as a surprise to you, but having an insulated home can drastically raise its value. For every 1$ reduction in annual utility bills, the price of your house increases by an average of $20.

A small house with keys

By insulating your home, you not only save money from bills in the long run, but if you decide to sell your home, you will get a much better price, thanks to the reduced expenses. And even if you’re not interested in selling, increasing your house’s value is never a bad move.

6. Tons of Health Benefits

It’s no secret that lower temperatures suppress your immune system. After all, that’s why we see the common cold so often during the winter. As such, if your home is constantly too cold during the winter, you end up at risk of getting sick much more often. The point of being at home is feeling cozy and safe, so that’s not ideal.

As such, good insulation can make sure your household’s air stays conditioned ideally, and you won’t need to shiver every time you go to the living room.

Insulating Today Improves Your Home Tomorrow

As you can see, there are lots of great benefits to insulating your house, and we didn’t even list all of them. YourHomeFix works with experts in the field of home insulating so that you can get the best service for the best price.

If you want to know more about insulation or want to book an appointment with one of our professionals, get in touch with us. We’ll sort everything out for you!

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