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Five Bathroom Design Ideas in 2021

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Bathrooms are more than just rooms where we cleanse ourselves. They are a place of renewal and refreshment. It’s where we wash away the stressors of daily life, our personal spa therapy place. There, we can take hot bubble baths and showers and get rid of the dirt that was accumulated throughout the day.

Bathrooms play an essential role in our lives, and as the place where we relax, it deserves to be properly decorated in materials, colors, and textures that reflect your personality. What’s most important, it should evoke happy feelings from you.

We have selected five design ideas to help you choose the most appropriate one for your bathroom.

Modern Style

Modern-styled bathrooms are bold, simple, and feature clean and straight lines. The straight lines provide a sense of orderliness and can be observed in every part of the room - countertops, sinks, and even in artwork.

The materials which are used in modern-style bathrooms are stone, porcelain, teak, and marble. The most common colors are simple and usually stick to black and white nuances. You can also incorporate art and fresh greenery because they are a natural fit for bathrooms of modern style.

Traditional Style

Traditional bathrooms typically take inspiration from what is currently trending in the design world, with materials and décor taken from historical periods such as Victorian, colonial, or Georgian styles. They’re used because these styles are timeless and clean, and they create a classic aesthetic that you can enjoy for years to come.

The surfaces in a traditional bathroom are essential to getting the right feeling. Countertops typically feature natural or faux-natural materials, such as granite and engineered stone. Wall and flooring tiles range from a historical to vintage, subway, or hexagonal look.

You can mix and match eras but stick to two decorative touches from different eras to create a more subtle and visually appealing look.

Staying on top of your chimneys is not only the smartest choice, but it’s also the one that will spare your wallet in the future.

Contemporary Style

Clutter-free open spaces and minimalist ornaments are an inseparable part of contemporary-style bathrooms. They feature plenty of polished hardwood with metal accents and a clear and simple color palette.

Oftentimes, light and dark elements are fused together to create visual contrast. Simplicity is obligatory for contemporary styling, and the focus is particularly on the details. High-quality door pulls and knobs made from brushed metals are combined with countertops and flooring from durable stone, wood, or tile to recreate the contemporary design.

Asian Style

Bathrooms that are styled in an Asian fashion are minimalistic, with fewer decorations to maximize open space, air, and light. Fresh green plants give the room gentle bursts of color and contrast as well as a more natural feel.

This type of bathroom also incorporates plenty of natural materials into the design. The emphasis is not on luxury here. A traditional Asian bathroom uses cheap materials like wood and stone, which are utilized for surfaces like flooring and sink tops.

Another interesting thing about Asian bathrooms is that compared to Western styles, where people would like to lay, Asians prefer to sit up.

Transitional Style

Considered one of the most popular designs, the transitional style blends both traditional and contemporary styles. It utilizes both old and new design elements to create an enjoyable environment for homeowners to feel relaxed.

Materials like wood, stone, glass, and exotic finishes are not uncommon in these types of bathrooms. A transitional bathroom is both attractive and safe to use, meaning it can be used by people of any age group. Grab bars are decorative and can coordinate with your faucet suite. They can be used for safety measures and as towel hangers.

With today’s lifestyle, designers are implementing luxurious features to transitional bathrooms. Chandeliers, saunas, finely papered walls, and heated floors can provide homeowners with a spa-like experience from the comfort of their homes.


Your bathroom should serve as a place of inspiration and satisfaction. Whether it is sleek modern styling or traditional retro design with vintage elements, the perfect bathroom for your needs is waiting for you out there.

If you are keen on a particular design already, feel free to contact YourHomeFix, where we can make your dreams a reality.

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