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10 Things to Do After You're Done with a Home Renovation

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

So, you’re done renovating your kitchen, bathroom, basement, or just finished a whole-house remodel. What’s next? After weeks or months of hard work, planning, and stress, you may think it’s time to sit down and relax.

The truth is that the process isn’t over. There are still some things you should do to perfect the renovation and increase its longevity. Read on for some quick guidance on how to make the most of your new space and plan your next steps.

If you haven’t started your remodel yet, this article will help you know what awaits you when you are done with the whole process.

1. Make a Final Check

Before you make the last payment to your builder or contractor, have them check each room with you. Walk through each renovated part of the house and point out anything you’re not entirely satisfied with.

Experienced remodelers will be looking at every detail to make sure you’re not left with imperfections. Everything should be written down on a list, which will hold your remodeler responsible and ensure you’re completely satisfied with the final result.

2. Start Cleaning

Home remodeling often leads to messy rooms. Most likely, there will be a stray paint brush left behind or boxes of nails or wrappers, but your home will need a complete cleaning for sure. If you want to get some work off your shoulders, some companies deal exclusively with post-construction cleanup.

If you want to save money, though, get ready to put in many hours of hard work, as your new space should be completely clean before you move any furniture back in.

3. Get Painting

Painting is always an advisable step after you’re done with your home renovation. This is because the old paint can become damaged or chipped during construction. It is also the perfect timing if you are thinking about updating the color of a room.

4. Register Warranties

Take the time to look at any new product or appliance manuals, fill out any warranty cards and send them over. Completing this step will be of great assistance to any homeowner that has recently bought something new as they’ll avoid a lot of headaches if the new washing machine fails and flood the new kitchen.

5. Purchase New Furniture

Provided your home remodel plan includes a space change, you will most likely be interested in buying new furniture. You must take measurements before you start shopping to make sure the items will fit your new space.

6. Remove Dust

Upon finalizing your home remodel, there’s bound to be dust everywhere – in drawers, cabinets, and even in areas that weren’t part of the construction. Even if you hire a cleaning crew for your post-construction cleaning, expect to do some dusting by yourself too.

7. Call Your Insurance Agent

With larger home projects, you’ll want to document your investment and reach out to your insurance agent because you’ll need to adjust the limits of your policy. Based on the type of project, a city accessor may need to evaluate your renovated home.

8. Move Back In

Once everything on your to-do list is checked off and your space is clean, it is time to determine which of your items like decoration, furniture, and rugs you’ll want to move back in. Understandably, you’ll want to keep some pieces, but before you do that, you should critically see if everything matches your new room. You don’t want to reduce its value and appeal after you’ve invested so much in upgrading it.

9. Learn More About Maintenance

After you’ve finished a home renovation or remodeling, you may end up with new materials that you aren’t acquainted with. The remodeler who installed them should be sure to inform you how to look after them.

In case they don’t, here is some guidance for your new products:

  • Natural stone surfaces need sealing in order to prevent staining;

  • Wooden floors, on the other hand, need protection from felt pads on the bottom of any heavy furniture;

  • Wires and plumbing that have been loosened due to the renovation need to be caulked;

  • New air filters have to be fit and regularly changed;

  • Make sure you have instruction manuals for any smart home devices that may have been installed.

10. Celebrate Your New Space

Finally, after all your hard work and planning, you can rest and enjoy your new space. Don’t forget to enjoy your home after its remodeling as you’ve put lots of time and effort into it.

It’s always a good idea to throw a party with your friends and family or at least send them some photos. Nevertheless, you have certainly made an investment as well as made your home more luxurious.

Plan Your Next Home Renovation

With YourHomeFix, you can modify your house so that it becomes as you envision it. Start living in the house of your dreams now. We can contact you with experts that will attune to each of your requirements.

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